Girls of the Match

In football, the term Man of the Match is an award given after the game to the best performed player. Man of the Match is usually – but not always – a player of the winning team. Is most cases the reward is given to a goalscorer, especially if he has scored two or more goals. In case of clean sheet due to very good interventions, it is sometimes given to the goalkeeper of that team.

Nowadays the Man of the Match award is very popular and most of the football championships have it included.

However, we at World Cup Girls have something even better: Girl of the Match! Obviously, this is the hottest girl appearing on a particular game between two teams. That girl who made the biggest impression to us – one way or another. We don’t even rely on the match’s result or how the teams performed. We do care only for the girls and fans. Enjoy!

Many people expected only a failure from England. And the failure did happen! England lost 2-1 to Uruguay in their second game of World Cup 2014 Group D.
For Man of the Match was rewarded Luis Suarez.
British love to see themselves as very heroic, while actually they’re not. The team played chaotic and without passion. The only heroic people were at the stands! Meet our Girls of the Match – these two charming English girls:
English Girls of the Match

It happened: Spain is out of the tournament! Chile defeated them 2-0 in second round of World Cup 2014 Group B.
For Man of the Match was rewarded goalkeeper Eduardo Vargas.

It’s sad to see the end of this great Spanish generation, but Chile totally deserved everything they’ve achieved so far! Over 40,000 Chileans flooded the Maracana stadium, and our Girl of the Match is one of them – a hot Chilean girl:
Chilean Girl of the Match

Australia lost to Netherlands 3-2 in one of the craziest games at the World Cup 2014. Kudos to both teams and especially to Australia, who was unfortunate to lose second game in a row in World Cup Group B.
For Man of the Match was rewarded goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.
Personally, we feel a little sad for the Australians. But their fans doesn’t feel that way. They were happy and enthusiastic even at the time when their team was behind. Feel their passion with our Girl of the Match – this amazing Australian girl:
Australian Girl of the Match

The teams of Brazil and Mexico both failed to win in their second match of World Cup 2014 Group A.
For Man of the Match was rewarded goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.
Many expected Brazil to win outright, but in the end they dissapointed once again. In the same time, the Mexicans had a heroic game. And how else it would be, when you’re inspired by such fans! Yeah, our Girl of the Match is this amazing Mexican girl:
Mexican Girl of the Match