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Russian soccer girls.

Hot football girls from Russia.

Are you missing the hot football girls? Well, your wait is over! EURO 2016 Girls are already here! Since the 15th European Football Championship finals has already begun, you can now enjoy the hottest girls and fans who are supporting their teams in France.

Moreover, EURO 2016 is the first European Championship that is contested by 24 teams – which adds exactly 8 more teams to the tournament. Cool, huh? And as the simple math shows – more teams mean more Euro2016 girls! looks like to be our guide to the other side of the game. The main football event of 2016 promises some great games and emotions, in addition of which they’ve prepared the hottest Euro2016 Girls for you. Personally, we will pay special attention to the French girls:
EURO 2016 GIRLS - French
…but once again, let’s not forget there are 24 countries in total. And as stated on the site itself:

It’s summer time again, and there are basically two things to care about – football and girls!

We have nothing more to add. It’s time for EURO 2016 Girls!


Russian Girl

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What happened to Russia at the World Cup? Almost nothing. Two boring draws plus a loss – and Russia was eliminated in the Group stage. Thank you, Fabio Capello!
However, we will continue the Russian mission in World Cup 2014 at least for a while! Let’s present you one of the hotties of the tournament – this beautiful Russian girl who became famous with her sailor hat…
Russian Girl @ World Cup 2014
Russian Girl @ World Cup 2014
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Algeria and Russia draw 1-1 in one of the last two games at the World Cup Group stage.
For Man of the Match was rewarded Islam Slimani who scored the tying goal.
Russia played poorly and way too defensive. They took the lead and then failed to win the game. As expected, the selected Man of the Match is not from their team. Our Girl of the Match, however, is this beautiful Russian girl:
Russian Girl of the Match

The teams of Russia and Algeria will play in a latest match of World Cup 2014 Group H. So far Russia dissapointed with its performance, but the team still have a chance to continue in the tournament.
However, the Russian fans and supporters never dissapoint! Even if the game is boring or Russia fail to qualify to the next stage, you still have the opportunity to look after these beautiful Russian girls:
Beautiful Russian Girl
Beautiful Russian Girl @ World Cup 2014
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