Uruguayan Girls

Uruguayan soccer girls.

Hot football girls from Uruguay.

The Uruguayan girls failed to beat the Ghanaian girls in our Girls Battle, but instead of this the national football team of Uruguay defeated Ghana. The second quarterfinal of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa ended 1:1 in the full-time, and then 4:2 after a penality shoot-out. Well deserved…

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Today’s second quarterfinal of the 19th World Cup is between the national football teams of Uruguay and Ghana. The winner is supposed to meet Netherlands, who defeated 2:1 Brazil earlyer.
But it’s all about the girls here, so who do you prefer, who do you think is hotter – Uruguayan girls or Ghanaian girls?
Vote for your favorite!

Uruguayan girls or Ghanaian girls?

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Uruguayan Girls #2

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