World Cup 2014 Girls

World Cup 2014 is the 20th FIFA World Cup, the biggest international football competition. It is held in Brazil, from 12.June to 13.July 2014. This is the second time that Brazil is hosting the most popular tournament in the world of football.

The long awaited competition opens with a game between the teams of Brazil and Croatia.

The final match will be hosted at the MaracanĂ£ Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Once the world’s biggest stadium by capacity, today it seats “only” 78,838 spectators.

Enjoy the World Cup 2014 Girls! ;-)

The national football team of Ecuador failed to qualify for the second round of World Cup 2014. They draw France and won against Honduras, but eventually finished third in Group E.
Like most of the teams, Ecuador have already left Brazil. But we still remember these hot Ecuadorian girls who supported their country at World Cup 2014:
Ecuadorian Girl @ World Cup 2014
Ecuadorian Girls @ World Cup 2014
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The moment of truth for Netherlands! Well, actually we can say this one more time before the final match. But for now, the Dutch have a difficult task to beat Argentina. Both teams desperately need the victory and it won’t come as attractive as yesterday.
The second semi-final of World Cup 2014 is just about to start. What better warm-up than showing some of the beautiful Dutch girls and fans?
Beautiful Dutch girl @ World Cup 2014
Beautiful Dutch Girl @ WC2014
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There were many surprises at this year’s World Cup in Brazil, but a result of 7-1 more sensational than everything. Especially when it comes against the host team who was one of the favorites to win the World Cup trophy.
While we feel sorry for all beautiful Brazilian girls and supporters, we have to pay tribute to the amazing fans from Germany who totally deserved to see their team in the final. Why? Because German girls are hot!
Hot German Girl @ World Cup 2014
Hot German Girl @ WC2014
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Argentina will face the national football team of Netherlands in the second semi-final of World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The match seems far more difficult to predict than the previous one. Will we watch an European final? Or, wouldn’t it be ironic if Argentina wins the World Cup in… Brazil?

Until we find out, let’s enjoy some hot Argentinian girls at World Cup 2014:
Hot Argentinian Girl
Hot Argentinian Girls
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