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A huge group of thirty-six Dutch girls was forced to leave Soccer City stadium during the World Cup 2010 Group E match between Holland and Denmark, and then arrested for a few hours. The reason is in their hot dresses. They were branded by Bavaria – a Dutch beer company, who is a competitor to the official World Cup 2010 beer sponsor. Unbelievable, but F1F4 claims that as illegal advertising.
Can you imagine how these amazingly hot girls could be a problem for anyone? We neither…

Part of the thirty-six Dutch girls

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6 Responses to "Dutch Girls". Add your comment?

1. eman

7/Jul/2010 at 5:40


2. kuda

31/Dec/2010 at 18:45

pretty girls where are they now?

3. busex

7/Feb/2011 at 2:43

the furture is bright with theses girls and their siblings or others like thiers;-) long live the hollanders,best business of all with no one to call the shots, but bavarian fraus may want to join;-)

4. Dayasena

25/Feb/2011 at 17:54

I like holland fat cute girls

5. Dayasena

25/Feb/2011 at 17:55

send me more I hope

6. tom

4/Sep/2013 at 17:21

dutch women are the most beautiful in the world in my opinion btw I am originally from the USA. I live in the netherlands these girls are HOT