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Argentina defeated Netherlands in penality shootout in the second semi-final of World Cup 2014. 120 minutes weren’t enough for both teams to score a goal, but overall the match was good.
For Man of the Match was rewarded goalkeeper Sergio Romero who keps his net clean and saved two penality kicks.
Netherlands won’t be World Cup champion! At least not in the next four years. The Dutch, however, can still pretend to be champions among the fans. And nothing can stop this beautiful Dutch girl to become our Girl of the Match!
Dutch Girl of the Match

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2 Responses to "Girl of the Match 09.Jul: Netherlands – Argentina". Add your comment?

1. ziko

13/Jul/2014 at 5:47

hi, i wanna just to say she is verry,verry beautiful dutsh girl i like her so much cool,cool,cool

2. Zach Meyer U.S.A.

20/Nov/2014 at 6:14

Hi Ziko
Do you know this girls name or have contact information?