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It happened: Spain is out of the tournament! Chile defeated them 2-0 in second round of World Cup 2014 Group B.
For Man of the Match was rewarded goalkeeper Eduardo Vargas.

It’s sad to see the end of this great Spanish generation, but Chile totally deserved everything they’ve achieved so far! Over 40,000 Chileans flooded the Maracana stadium, and our Girl of the Match is one of them – a hot Chilean girl:
Chilean Girl of the Match

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1 Response to "Girl of the Match 18.Jun: Spain – Chile". Add your comment?

1. Captain Obvious

21/Jun/2014 at 3:22

Yeah, that emblem on her yellow and red shirt? Which happen to be the colors for the Spanish flag? That’s emblem is the Spanish coat of arms. Hint: She’s not Chilean. The guys behind her are, though.