World Cup Girls

World's Hottest Football Girls

Argentina meets Germany in the most interesting World Cup 2010 quarterfinal match today. It’s supposed to be an epic battle, not only on the pitch but also everywhere around it! Top beauties from South America and Europe will support their teams to the end. Who you like more, who would you bet on – Argentinian girls or German girls?
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2 Responses to "Girls Battle: Argentinian VS German". Add your comment?

1. astro

4/Jul/2010 at 15:30

que pasó argentinos?? les duele el culito no??
4 en un tarda es mucho e… VERGÜENZA cada vez que hablan… nunca aprenderán… el 6a1 no se olvida JAMAS!! (Bolivia)

2. Hayabusa Gurl

6/Jul/2010 at 18:10

It’s time to bring these babies back from obscurity!