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World's Hottest Football Girls

Spain meets Portugal in a 1/8 final match of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, and no doubts this is the derby of the day. The winner will qualify to the 1/4 finals, where the team of Paraguay already waiting.
But there is one more epic battle this night, and it’s between the girls! Who do you prefer – Spanish girls or Portuguese girls?
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3 Responses to "Girls Battle: Spanish VS Portuguese". Add your comment?

1. deowoo

30/Jun/2010 at 2:25

hard call, spanish chick really hot in her verrry hott outfit and the potuguese darling in her flat sexy stomach oohhhhhhh.

2. xander

29/Oct/2011 at 20:36

portuguese girls are beutiful,,

3. Shyla

29/Dec/2014 at 4:14

Im Portuguese and I think there should be a brazil vs Portuguese girl thing. we would win