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What a drama! Another 1-1 in the regular time, and another penalty shootout to determine who’ll get into the next stage. Sad night for Colombia, but the last to reach the quarterfinals at the 2018 World Cup is the team of England.
For Man of the Match was named Harry Kane. England forward scored the first goal, and is currently leading the goalscorer’s chart at the tournament having a total of six goals so far.
Our Girl of the Match, however, is this stunning Colombian beauty:

It was a terrible beginning when Colombia lost the team’s first match at the World Cup 2018 Group stage against Japan. Some blame the early red card, other say it’s all about the pressure. But after such slow start, there is often an improve following. That’s exactly what happened with Colombia – in next games the team started started to gain speed… and points.
Meanwhile, the Colombian fans and supporters never had a stop! In Russia, they were dominating at the stands even against European teams like Poland.

And here’s how the hot Colombian girls look like:

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You know what happens if: 1) in the 3rd minute your team fouls for a penalty, 2) they also suffer a red card in the same 3rd minute, and 3) the coach substitutes your fastest and best player, Juan Cuadrado. Well, you lose the game, that happens. And that’s exactly what happened to Colombia, who lost 1-2 to Japan.
But while the team’s first appearance in Russia wasn’t successful at all, their fans appeared even more than just fine! Here’s just a few from all those hot Colombian girls at the World Cup 2018:

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After paying tribute to Colombia‘s good performance at this year’s World Cup, we’re ready to move to another aspect of the Colombian success in Brazil: the girls and fans. The Colombians were among the most attractive supporters during the tournament.
Enough talk, let’s enjoy these beautiful Colombian girls supporting their country at World Cup 2014:

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