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First 0-0 result at the 2018 World Cup in Russia has finally happened, and trust us – we don’t have much to talk about this Group C match between the teams of Denmark and France.
For Man of the Match – although it’s not appropriate to discuss who played better in this particular match – was named French midfielder Ngolo Kante.
Our Girl of the Match is this stunning Danish girl! Well, we’re not hundred-percent sure whether she’s Danish or Russian, but no doubt she was stunning on the stands!

In their last match of the group stage, the teams of Denmark and France failed to score a single goal, but instead they “scored” the first 0-0 result at the World Cup 2018. Although it was probably the most boring game so far in the tournament, the draw was good enough for both teams, and especially for Denmark who took the second place.
On the stands, however, things were far more attractive – thanks to those beautiful Danish girls who supported their country all the time:

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Danish WAGs

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Wives and girlfriends of Danish national football players await the start of a World Cup 2010 group stage match. One of them is showing her wedding ring, while others are prepared with cameras.
That’s how an army of blondes looks like…

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Danish Girls #2

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