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In the last quarter-final match of World Cup 2014 in Brazil, Netherlands defeated the tough team of Costa Rica after penality shoot-out. It was more than a crazy game, and we won’t even explain why – because if we try we will definitely miss something.
For Man of the Match was rewarded goalkeeper Keylor Navas who saved his team a dozen times during the entire game.
In short, the football won over anti-football, even though we really liked what Costa Rica did on this tournament. But who will win our Girl of the Match prize? This beautiful Dutch girl, please…
Dutch Girl of the Match

The team of Netherlands is one of the strongest and most consistent teams at this year’s World Cup in Brazil. With three wins of three matches in the group stage, their next game will be against Mexico.
Is it time for a first World Cup title? Who knows… What we know for sure is that it’s time for some beautiful Netherlands girls!
Netherlands Girl @ World Cup 2014
Netherlands Girl @ WC2014
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The national football team of Netherlands headed the World Cup Group B. The Dutch defeated Chile 2-0.
For Man of the Match was rewarded Arjen Robben who assisted for the second goal and once again had a very good game.
Netherlands won with two goals and to celebrate that, our Girls of the Match are two as well! Meet these extremely hot Dutch girls
Dutch Girl of the Match

It is a well-known fact that the Dutch supporters are one of the most attractive and craziest fans out there. And how else, after their team played crazy and defeated 5-1 the World Cup champion Spain.

It’s a flying start for Netherlands and we can’t wait to celebrate it with some hot Dutch girls at the World Cup 2014!
Dutch Girl @ World Cup 2014
Dutch Girls @ WC2014
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