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Many fans predicted an easy win for England in their second game at the World Cup – and some have probably put bets on that – but who could expect 6-1?! Moreover if there wasn’t a decrease in motivation during the 2nd half, the result could be even two-digit!
For Man of the Match was named English forward Harry Kane who scored a hattrick.
Having in mind how big this match was, for the Girl of the Match section we chose to present not one, but two hot English girls:

The national football team of England defeated 2-1 Tunisia in their first match at the 2018 World Cup Group G. Tottenham star Harry Kane netted two, second of which was a late one scored in the additional time.

And while there aren’t much expectations – at least this time! – for the team at this year’s World Cup in Russia, we still keep our big expectations for the English fans and all those hot English girls in particular:

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The national football team of England once again failed to win a match in Brazil. They draw 0-0 Costa Rica and finished the tournament in last place in their World Cup 2014 Group D.
This time there weren’t big hopes and expectations for the team, yet again they dissapointed. The English fans will probably try to forget it as soon as possible. We, however, will long remember these hot English girls and supporters:
English Girl @ World Cup 2014
English Girls @ World Cup 2014
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Many people expected only a failure from England. And the failure did happen! England lost 2-1 to Uruguay in their second game of World Cup 2014 Group D.
For Man of the Match was rewarded Luis Suarez.
British love to see themselves as very heroic, while actually they’re not. The team played chaotic and without passion. The only heroic people were at the stands! Meet our Girls of the Match – these two charming English girls:
English Girls of the Match