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The national football team of England once again failed to win a match in Brazil. They draw 0-0 Costa Rica and finished the tournament in last place in their World Cup 2014 Group D.
This time there weren’t big hopes and expectations for the team, yet again they dissapointed. The English fans will probably try to forget it as soon as possible. We, however, will long remember these hot English girls and supporters:
English Girl @ World Cup 2014
English Girls @ World Cup 2014
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Many people expected only a failure from England. And the failure did happen! England lost 2-1 to Uruguay in their second game of World Cup 2014 Group D.
For Man of the Match was rewarded Luis Suarez.
British love to see themselves as very heroic, while actually they’re not. The team played chaotic and without passion. The only heroic people were at the stands! Meet our Girls of the Match – these two charming English girls:
English Girls of the Match


English Girl

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Fan ran onto the pitch during the World Cup 2010 1/8 finals match between the national football teams of Germany and England. The fan is, of course, a beautiful English girl who holds a vuvuzela in one hand, and her shoes in the other. She ran across the field before being catched and escorted away by the steward. It’s lucky to be a steward these days…

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English Girls #4

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A moment of sadness here: desperate English girls cryes after England‘s last match at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Their national football team was totally outplayed by Germany, and was defeated by them 4:1. Not to mention that at the moment English girls are behind German girls in our poll – check and vote here!
Anyway, sad ot happy they are always pretty…

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