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Victory and only victory. Preferably with two goals difference. That was the option for Germany in order to guarantee the team’s place in the second round of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
But – and it’s a big BUT – South Korea haven’t signed for this. They defeated 2-0 Germany, making the biggest surprise at the tournament so far.
For Man of the Match was named Cho Hyun-Woo – the heroic goalkeeper of Korea.
And of course, our Girl of the Match is this beautiful Korean girl:


Hot Korean Girls

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Korea failed to qualify to the second stage of World Cup 2014 after one draw and two defeats. The team played very chaotic football with poor defense, and was deservedly eliminated.
The Korean football is no more represented at the tournament, but the Republic of Korea is still represented by their hot Korean girls and fans! Well, at least here at World Cup Girls.
Hot Korean Girl @ World Cup 2014
Hot Korean Girl
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The national teams of South Korea and Russia failed to beat eachother, and since it was one of the few boring games at the World Cup, we won’t talk about it anymore.
Fact: The Koreans don’t have the most richest football history, but somehow they managed to qualify to the World Cup for eighth consecutive time. Traditions were made, and now the Korean fans are one of the most attractive supporters. Or maybe it’s because their Korean girls are hot as hell…
Korean Girls @ World Cup 2014
Korean Girls @ World Cup 2014
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Korean Girls #2

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Korean girls supports their national football team at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.
South Korea successfully qualified to the 1/8 finals of the tournament, where they were beaten 2:1 by Uruguay.
Beat that, if you dare! ;-)

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