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In the last match of the 2018 World Cup Group F, Sweden defeated 3-0 Mexico and thus took the lead in the group. Thankfully, this didn’t affect Mexico in their way to the second stage since Germany lost to South Korea.
For Man of the Match was named Swdish defender Ludwig Augustinsson who opened the result scoring the first goal in the match.
Despite the fact that we adore Swedish girls, our Girl of the Match here is this pure beautiful Mexican girl:

A few surprises already happened at the 2018 World Cup, but the most surprising result was probably the Mexico‘s victory over current World champion. The American team defeated 1-0 Germany – but that was the least they could get. Mexico showed a great performance, high-speed counterattacks, and very solid defense. Their pace and aggression were a nostalgic reference to the old days of romantic football. Moreover, their fans created probably the hottest atmosphere at the World Cup so far! Enjoy some of the Mexican girls at World Cup 2018:
Mexican Girl at World Cup 2018

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Beautiful Mexican Girls

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Mexico was one of the few countries with huge fan support in Brazil’s World Cup. The team left the tournament after losing to Netherlands in the second round, but their hot fans are still a hit on the internet. After seeing some of them we immediately became fans of Mexico!
Enjoy our selection of beautiful Mexican girls supporting their country at World Cup 2014:
Beautiful Mexican Girl @ World Cup 2014
Beautiful Mexican Girl @ WC2014
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Hot Mexican Girls

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Even though they played a heroic game against Brazil in the group stages, the Mexicans couldn’t handle Netherlands and left the World Cup.
The team of Mexico have many new fans. Most of the people are simply in love with the coach Miguel Herrera who became really popular with his temper and goal celebrations. We, however, love the Mexicans mostly because these hot Mexican girls:
Hot Mexican Girl
Hot Mexican Girl @ World Cup 2014
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