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Beautiful and scandalous – that’s one way to describe Severina Vuckovic. Followed by such reputation, the Croatian is now in Brazil to support her country at the World Cup 2014.
But who is she? Severina Vuckovic is a Croatian pop singer with 12 albums behind her. She also had film and theatre career in Croatia. However, what made her famous worldwide is a tape scandal in 2004. As we see, Severina hasn’t lost it – enjoy the hot Croatian, who is supporting her country in Brazil:
Severina Vuckovic @ World Cup 2014
Severina Vuckovic @ World Cup 2014
To prove us that her supportive skills are like no one else’s, Severina even took a photo in her hotel room in Rio…
Severina Vuckovic hot in Brazil

Severina Vuckovic at the World Cup 2014 opening match between Brazil and Croatia:
Severina Vuckovic @ World Cup 2014
Severina Vuckovic @ Brazil
At the stage – Severina Vuckovic performs:
Severina Vuckovic singing
Severina Vuckovic photoshoot

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1 Response to "Severina Vuckovic at World Cup 2014". Add your comment?

1. Arthur

8/Sep/2014 at 0:38

Performs a great BJ, that’s for sure.