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World Cup 2010 was the 19th FIFA World Cup, the premier international football competition. It was held in South Africa, from 11.June to 11.July 2010. The tournament is the first hosted by an African nation.

The champion of the World Cup 2010 is the team of Spain, who defeated Netherlands 1-0 after two hours of play. The winning goal was scored by Andres Iniesta in the overtime. This gave Spain and its golden generation their first World Cup title. The final game took place at the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg.

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Danish WAGs

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Wives and girlfriends of Danish national football players await the start of a World Cup 2010 group stage match. One of them is showing her wedding ring, while others are prepared with cameras.
That’s how an army of blondes looks like…

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Today’s second and last quarterfinal match of the World Cup 2010 is between the teams of Paraguay and Spain. Everyone expects Spain to win, so not much intrigue here. But nothing can be expected from the alternative battle – that between the World Cup girls! Who you like more, who is hotter – Paraguayan girls or Spanish girls?
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(the girl in left is our favorite Larissa Riquelme, who promised to strip (if Paraguay win the WC); which the girl in right already did…)
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Argentina meets Germany in the most interesting World Cup 2010 quarterfinal match today. It’s supposed to be an epic battle, not only on the pitch but also everywhere around it! Top beauties from South America and Europe will support their teams to the end. Who you like more, who would you bet on – Argentinian girls or German girls?
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