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World Cup 2014 was the 20th FIFA World Cup, the biggest international football competition. It was held in “the mecca of football” – Brazil, from 12.June to 13.July 2014. This is the second time that Brazil is hosting the most popular tournament in the world of football.

Besides the many hot World Cup girls and attractive football fans, the championship in Brazil will be remembered as the World Cup with most scored goals – 171!

The champion is Germany who defeated 1-0 Argentina in the final game held at the legendary Maracana Stadium in Rio – once the world’s biggest stadium by capacity, today it seats “only” 78,838 spectators.

Enjoy the World Cup 2014 Girls! ;-)

Argentina in the quarterfinals! The team defeated 1-0 Switzerland with a late goal in 118′. The game was intense and full of drama until the very end.
For Man of the Match was rewarded Lionel Messi who broke the solid Swiss defense and assisted the goal.
Another European team is out of the tournament. Since Switzerland didn’t play the most attractive football, we won’t miss them so much. Those who will miss are their Swiss girls, fans and supporters. Our Girls of the Match are a good example:
Swiss Girls of the Match

With the progress of the tournament, more and more WAG’s attend to the stands to support their countries and beloved ones. Here we present you two of them – German WAG’s Lena Gercke (left) and Sarah Brandner (right)! Their boyfriends Sami Khedira and Bastian Schweinsteiger can’t be happy with Germany‘s performance in the World Cup match against Algeria, however, Lena and Sarah didn’t show any disappointment. These beautiful Germans were having fun, so you can do too!
Lena Gercke and Sarah Brandner @ World Cup 2014
Lena Gercke @ World Cup 2014 Sarah Brandner @ World Cup 2014 Sarah Brandner @ World Cup 2014
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Hot Belgian Girl

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The national football team of Belgium will have a tough opponent in the second stage of the World Cup. They will face the United States for a place in the quarterfinals. Belgium’s solid generation gives some confidence, however, the team lacks experience in the international scene.

Talking about the international, this hot Belgian girl has already become famous worldwide!
Hot Belgian Girl
Hot Belgian Girl @ World Cup 2014
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Hot French Girls

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France will face Germany in a quarterfinal match of World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Both teams were considered big favorites in their games, but weren’t very convincing after all. Eventually, France scored two late goals to beat Nigeria 2-0.
The World Cup girls and fans, however, were more than convincing. Not that we need to be convinced of something – we already love these hot French girls! And what about you?
Hot French Girls
Hot French Girl
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