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World Cup 2014 was the 20th FIFA World Cup, the biggest international football competition. It was held in “the mecca of football” – Brazil, from 12.June to 13.July 2014. This is the second time that Brazil is hosting the most popular tournament in the world of football.

Besides the many hot World Cup girls and attractive football fans, the championship in Brazil will be remembered as the World Cup with most scored goals – 171!

The champion is Germany who defeated 1-0 Argentina in the final game held at the legendary Maracana Stadium in Rio – once the world’s biggest stadium by capacity, today it seats “only” 78,838 spectators.

Enjoy the World Cup 2014 Girls! ;-)


Costa Rican Girls

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The football team of Costa Rica is probably the biggest surprise at World Cup 2014. They topped Group D after defeating two former World Cup champions – Uruguay and Italy, and made a draw with another one: England.
Now Costa Rica meets Greece in the tournament’s second stage. Will they achieve another great victory, this time against a former European champion? Until we know the answer, let’s enjoy some hot Costa Rican girls and fans…
Costa Rican Girl @ World Cup 2014
Costa Rican Girl @ World Cup 2014
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Japan left the World Cup 2014 through the back door. The Brazil’s tournament wasn’t successfull for the asians. The team took the last 4th place in Group C with only one draw and two scored goals total.
However, we saw something beautiful from Japan at this year’s World Cup! It was the fans, of course. Enjoy these hot Japanese girls and fans who supported their team till the very end…
Japanese Girl @ World Cup 2014
Japanese Girl @ World Cup 2014
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The teams of Brazil and Chile played an epic game in the first match of World Cup 2014 second round. They draw 1-1 in the regular time, then played an additional 30 minutes, and eventually let the penalties to choose the winner. It was Brazil.
For Man of the Match was rewarded goalkeeper Julio Cesar who saved his team in the penalty shoot-out.
Such a great game and big drama deserve a proper Girl of the Match. Do not doubt that we will pick the right one, although it’s a tough choice. Meet our Brazilian girl:
Brazilian Girl of the Match

In the era ot total and physical football, is there still a place for romance?

Football today has become an aggressive and way too power sport. The game is a real battle – players are fighting “to death” and with all means. Down there on the pitch is no place for sentiments.

It’s a completely different story, however, when looking from the stands. It is true that football unites people, it brings them together. It even makes them exchange fluids! The biggest tournaments such as World Cup 2014 are a pure example of all the happiness, passion, and euphoria that follow our favorite game. And there is always a place for romantics!

As proof, here is our compilation of fans kissing at World Cup 2014 – just because the football is love!

Of course, it all starts with a French kiss:

Many Brazilian kisses were spotted as well since the tournament is held in Brazil:
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