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About the Project

“Everything what men want is football and girls.”

Even those who are not interested in the most popular sport of our time, can hardly ignore the passionate and extremely hot girls supporters.

Started as just an exotic attraction, but quickly becoming an integral part of the game and its subculture, this is now the new obsession at the stadiums: girls and fans at the stadium, enjoying during the match, celebrating before and after the games, painting themselves, and partying all the time. They have come from all over the world with one purpose: to present and support their country. Which they do great and with passion. With similar passion, we dedicated this website to them… The World Cup Girls!

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Other Notes

World Cup Girls is basically driven by entertaining and sometimes even educational purposes. The site has nothing to do with sexism or any kind of discrimination! We RESPECT ALL fans regardless gender, nationality, religion… or football skills of their national team. However, since the FIFA World Cup is a male competition, we decided to focus to the female fans of the game. It is a matter of choise, and there are sites and sources for everything. Please don’t take this too seriously.