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World's Hottest Football Girls

It wasn’t much surprising that the national football team of Russia defeated Saudi Arabia in the 2018 World Cup opening game. We were surprised only by the result, but after all – the hosts were more dedicated to the victory, and the household factor also played its role.

What wasn’t surprising at all is who won at the stands. The fans “battle” wasn’t even a close one. Enjoy some of the hottest Russian girls at World Cup 2018:

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The World Cup has started and while people are talking about favorites, goals – the usual stuff, you know – we wan’t to talk about something else instead. It’s Italy – one of the world’s biggest missing teams this year. “Squadra Azzurra” failed to qualify to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
We, however, won’t fail to present the Italian beauty where it’s needed. The team will surely be missed, but it’s a good chance to remind some of the hot Italian girls from the previous tournaments.

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We know that you can’t wait for it, and that you can’t get enough of it! The 21th World Cup is just about to begin, and the world cup girls will be no less than a-m-a-z-i-n-g! And there are some facts that make the tournament in Russia even more amazing:
– for example, the capacity of the renovated Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow is about 81,000 seats. Which means mainly one thing: there is pretty much enough space for hot girls and fans!
– even if the Russian team leaves the tournament early, which unfortunately happened in Brazil four years ago, we won’t lose the presense of the Russian World Cup girls. Yep, that’s important. Here’s why:

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Argentinian Girls #3

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The national football team of Argentina lost to Germany in the World Cup 2014 final match. The loss was even more painful because the Argentinians were so close to the penality kicks when they conceded a goal in 113′.
About this time the cameras caught two stunning Argentinian girls who looked really devastated, yet very hot. Here they are:
Argentinian Girls @ World Cup 2014
Argentinian Girl @ World Cup 2014
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