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In football, the term Man of the Match is an award given after the game to the best performed player. Man of the Match is usually – but not always – a player of the winning team. Is most cases the reward is given to a goalscorer, especially if he has scored two or more goals. In case of clean sheet due to very good interventions, it is sometimes given to the goalkeeper of that team.

Nowadays the Man of the Match award is very popular and most of the football championships have it included.

However, we at World Cup Girls have something even better: Girl of the Match! Obviously, this is the hottest girl appearing on a particular game between two teams. That girl who made the biggest impression to us – one way or another. We don’t even rely on the match’s result or how the teams performed. We do care only for the girls and fans. Enjoy!

What a drama! Another 1-1 in the regular time, and another penalty shootout to determine who’ll get into the next stage. Sad night for Colombia, but the last to reach the quarterfinals at the 2018 World Cup is the team of England.
For Man of the Match was named Harry Kane. England forward scored the first goal, and is currently leading the goalscorer’s chart at the tournament having a total of six goals so far.
Our Girl of the Match, however, is this stunning Colombian beauty:

Sweden defeated 1-0 Switzerland in the match №55 at the World Cup 2018 in Russia. As many expected, it was a goalless game with great battle and defense from both teams. In short, it was tactics over passion.
For Man of the Match was named Swedish midfielder Emil Forsberg who scored the only goal in the game – and his first at this year’s World Cup.
However, there was much passion at the stands! Just take a look at this beautiful Swedish girl for example – our choice for Girl of the Match:

The biggest sensation that… didn’t happen. That’s how we can describe the match between Belgium and Japan in the the World Cup 2018 second round. The Japanese took a quick and shocking two-goal lead, but Belgium came back and eventually won 3-2 with a deadly counterattack in the last seconds.
For Man of the Match was named Belgium midfielder Eden Hazard.
Enjoy our Girl of the Match… this hot Belgian girl supporter:

The national football team of Brazil defeated 2-0 Mexico in the so-called regional derby at the 2018 World Cup 1/16-finals. In a very fast-paced and dynamic match, the five-time World champions were the better team and had the most dangerous situations.
For Man of the Match was named Neymar who scored the first goal, and assisted for the second one.
Our Girl of the Match is this beautiful Brazilian girl: