The national football team of Brazil will meet Germany in the first semi-final match of World Cup 2014! Both teams have the ambition to rise the trophy after a few days, but after this game one of them will have to forget that dream.
There is something very beautiful at this year’s World Cup. No, it’s not the playing style of Brazil. It’s the beautiful Brazilian girls and fans:
Beautiful Brazilian Girls
Beautiful Brazilian Girl
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Unfortunately to us, Colombia lost to Brazil 2-1 in a quarter-final match of World Cup 2014. The Colombians had a great tournament so far, but it was really bad luck to meet such an uncomfortable opponent.
Thus the most numerous fans (after the Brazilians) are going home. But don’t worry – we have enough material of them for a long time! Let’s start with these hot Colombian Girls and fans at World Cup 2014
Colombian Girl @ World Cup 2014
Colombian Girls @ World Cup 2014
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In the last quarter-final match of World Cup 2014 in Brazil, Netherlands defeated the tough team of Costa Rica after penality shoot-out. It was more than a crazy game, and we won’t even explain why – because if we try we will definitely miss something.
For Man of the Match was rewarded goalkeeper Keylor Navas who saved his team a dozen times during the entire game.
In short, the football won over anti-football, even though we really liked what Costa Rica did on this tournament. But who will win our Girl of the Match prize? This beautiful Dutch girl, please…
Dutch Girl of the Match

Even though they played a heroic game against Brazil in the group stages, the Mexicans couldn’t handle Netherlands and left the World Cup.
The team of Mexico have many new fans. Most of the people are simply in love with the coach Miguel Herrera who became really popular with his temper and goal celebrations. We, however, love the Mexicans mostly because these hot Mexican girls:
Hot Mexican Girl
Hot Mexican Girl @ World Cup 2014
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