Honduran Girls pictures

Honduran soccer girls.

Hot football girls from Honduras.

The national football team of Honduras is now officially out of the tournament after losing 3-0 to Switzerland in last game of World Cup 2014 Group E.
For Man of the Match was rewarded Xherdan Shaqiri who scored a hat-trick.
Some people think that teams like Honduras are way below the level of all other teams and thus they shouldn’t participate in the World Cup finals. But then, how we will enjoy their amazing fans such as this hot Honduran girl? She is our Girl of the Match

The humble team of Honduras will not continue its World Cup adventure in Brazil after the group stage. They lost their first two games in Group E, and will meet Switzerland for the last one.
Honduras are a nice team though. With hard work and devotion, the team try to play as equals with others. They have some nice and attractive fans too. Our favorites are these Honduran girls:
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Honduran Girls support their team and react emotional ahead of the World Cup 2010 matches. Honduras is a small country without any football tradition, but that does not matter when it comes to women.
Tonight Honduran girls will meet Spanish girls in a Group H match.
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