Uruguayan Girls pictures

Uruguayan soccer girls.

Hot football girls from Uruguay.

Uruguay‘s first match at World Cup 2014 was a disaster. But the team raised and came back in shape. They defeated England 2-1, and now will face Italy in a decisive match for both teams. Only victory will help Uruguayans to continue in the tournament.
We, on the other hand, can continue enjoying World Cup Girls right away and without any restrictions. And now it’s time for Uruguayan girls!
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Another big surprise at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil was the match between the national football teams of Uruguay and Costa Rica. The away team won 3-1 against the so-called favorites of Uruguay.
For Man of the Match was rewarded Joel Campbell.
Despite our love for the very attractive and devoted Costa Rican fans, our Girl of the Match is this hot Uruguayan girl:

The national football teams of Uruguay and Germany are playing in a World Cup 2010 third place play-off. The winner will take home the bronze medals, but the crown of Miss WorldCup is even more important.
Who you like more, who is hotter – Uruguayan girls or German girls? Vote for your favorite!


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First semifinal at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Former football colossus Uruguay meets the eternal contender Netherlands. Stake is a place of the final. Who you like more, who is hotter, who you think will look more pretty with the golden metal on their necks – Uruguayan girls or Dutch girls? Vote for your favorite!


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