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Brazilian super-mega-ultra model Gisele Bundchen is one of the favorites to present the World Cup trophy to its winner. Reports say she has already been chosen for the closing ceremony in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium.

The beautiful Gisele already showed her support for Brazil. She did a few World Cup-themed photoshoots and we’re glad to present them to you.
gisele-bundchen_world-cup-2014_04-165x240-4715719 gisele-bundchen_world-cup-2014_05-165x240-2617933 gisele-bundchen_world-cup-2014_06-165x240-1663498
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Beautiful and scandalous – that’s one way to describe Severina Vuckovic. Followed by such reputation, the Croatian is now in Brazil to support her country at the World Cup 2014. But who is she? Severina Vuckovic is a Croatian pop singer with 12 albums behind her. She also had film and theatre career in Croatia. However, what made her famous worldwide is a tape scandal in 2004. As we see, Severina hasn’t lost it – enjoy the hot Croatian, who is supporting her country in Brazil:


To prove us that her supportive skills are like no one else’s, Severina even took a photo in her hotel room in Rio…
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The national football team of Paraguay defeated Japan after a penality shoot-out, and thus they qualified to the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Whether you like Paraguay or not, you should be happy for them. Why? Because one of the most hottest girls at this tournament is a Paraguayan girl! Meet Larissa Riquelme, 24, a model with awesome… forms!
And cross your fingers for Paraguay, because Larissa promised to do a magical things if her country win the World Cup
larissa-riquelme_02-136x170-2461106 larissa-riquelme_03-136x170-2390067 larissa-riquelme_04-136x170-3816804
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US singer and celebrity Katy Perry split her World Cup support to two different nations – USA and England. Perry is wearing an interesting dress baring the national flags of both nations. She herself is a pure American, but her fiancé is the British comedian Russell Brand, so probably that explains everything.

“I have split my support. I’m American but I support West Ham.”Katy said.
katy-perry_03-136x170-6807830 katy-perry_04-136x170-4330699 katy-perry_05-136x170-5182147
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