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Chilean soccer girls.

Hot football girls from Chile.

The national football team of Chile is one of the first qualified teams for the second round of World Cup 2014. So far they defeated Costa Rica, and even the current champions of Spain.
Chileans played some great football fulfilled with energy and passion. You can bet that their fans had a role in that – over 40,000 supported the team in their last game. Enjoy some of these hot Chilean girls and fans!
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It happened: Spain is out of the tournament! Chile defeated them 2-0 in second round of World Cup 2014 Group B.
For Man of the Match was rewarded goalkeeper Eduardo Vargas.

It’s sad to see the end of this great Spanish generation, but Chile totally deserved everything they’ve achieved so far! Over 40,000 Chileans flooded the Maracana stadium, and our Girl of the Match is one of them – a hot Chilean girl:

Who is going to win this one, who do you prefer? Brazilian girls or Chilean girls? Vote for your favorite from below! You may not affect the match, but you’re able to rate the best girls and take them to the top.


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Hot Chilean girls celebrate after their national football team finished 2nd in the World Cup 2010 Group H and qualified for the 1/8 finals.
Today Chilie meet Brazil in the sixth 1/8 final in South Africa, so let’s see whether they’ll celebrate again after this match…
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